Rnyt plugin info

Is rnyt plugn still working for you guys? Seems like i can’t embed yt videos and save timestamps anymore.

The plugin is broken since the last update. I’m trying to fix it.


Many thanks for your contribution! Your plugin has been working wonderfully for many of us, appreciating your time and efforts.

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I completely second that @JRY .

Thank you @t_bonhomme :sunrise:

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Just wanted to say that the Youtube plugin had been incredibly useful in class note taking. I’m super grateful for its creation and I hope the best regarding its fixing!

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I copy paste a part of my message from GitHub.

The plugin has two issues: broken code and plugin marketplace. I prefer fixing the broken code first, which is not a trivial issue. I should build a basic plugin without levels. It could be better to have something before the complex plugin.

I was busy, but I will have more time to work on it.

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we need you man, rnyt its wonderful

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The plugin is fixed. It is working like before for people who have it installed before RemNote 1.8.

rnhp will be fixed soon.


Thansk a lot man, wonderfull job very nice thanks thanks thanks

Appreciate your help and contribution!!