Roam import feature doesn't work

Recently, I recommended RemNote to a friend of mine. He has been using Roam Research for about 6 months and has about 10.000 pages there. At a high amount of data, the Roam import tool doesn’t work correctly.

(1) Daily notes are not imported correctly. The Daily notes are empty and most references are missing

(2) In Roam, [[bi-directional links]] and #tags are the same - the pages that have been created as a tag, are imported into RemNote as “Untitled” Documents. Those untitled pages are tagged with “orphan”.

(3) Many references are missing - it seems like the whole hierarchy is not correctly adopted.

(4) There are more bugs - most of them are hard to define. Eventually, an imported database creates complete confusion.

Please note that the following is just feedback that aims to improve RemNote, to gain more users and help more students to have a better experience with RemNote

All in all, I think the import tool for Roam Research doesn’t really work at all for “bigger imports”. My friend is really excited of RemNote, yet switching from Roam to RemNote creates tremendous friction for him. Removing this friction would surely help to make RemNote much more attractive to Roam users who want to transition to RemNote.

Here are some “bug pictures”: