Search for Simple Dark Mode CSS

Hey Guys. I’ve been searching for Dark Mode CSS but all of them were too complex for me. Sometimes some areas of the screen would be white when I applied the Dark Mode CSS and the font was changed and other features

Here’s the point- I want a dark mode CSS that just makes the interface into a clean simple dark mode. Simple Like the one seen in this video here:

RemNote Tutorial #3: Customizing Rem - YouTube

Think about a dark mode like the regular dark mode, without all the problems like inverted highlighters, profile pics etc. A fixed dark mode.
Can you please send your best clean Dark mode Custom CSS codes here to help me out


Use an extension for now, as the native Dark Mode is in beta and themes are subject to breakage due to updates. Be sure to apply this if you go for Dark Reader.


Thanks it fixed the partial white screen and now its cleanly black
but im not looking for a colour invert that also inverts the emoji’s
Are there any CSS available to make the white of remnote’s format into black without inverting everything else?

Assuming you did go with Dark Reader, use its dynamic mode (and optionally reduce contrast in its other tab, I use -15)

Sadly, the pop-ups, as demonstrated here :arrow_down: look too dark.
Hopefully, there will be a proper native dark theme in the future.

The first reply in this thread contains the link to the fix for that.

Oh, sorry. I should have noticed that :sweat_smile:

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