Search Portals: cleaner, more versatile and robust

(this post intersects in part with other posts/comments in the forum, which I linked below)

From what I understand, RemNote is at its most powerful when Rems are reused/recontextualized extensively. Portals allow that on an individual level, but I feel the real power resides in using live Search Portals (correct me if I’m wrong!). However, these seem to be a bit limited/clumsy right now.

In terms of appearance, I’d like the option to display expanded Search Portals in a much cleaner way, with less clutter, so they integrate better with other Rems (as requested here). I’d often rather have a simple list of Rems, with parent/breadcrumb hidden. I’d even prefer to have the top info and search bar hidden. Let me choose a custom name instead. For example, “All books I read in 2007”, instead of “#books #read #2007”. (Of course, there should be an option to unhide these elements as needed)

Ideally I’d like to be able to style the results of Search Portals the same way I can with normal Rems and their children. For example, showing all results as columns using this script by @hannesfrank .

In terms of functionality, I’d like Search Portals to be more robust, not only in terms of the queries we can do (as covered in this request), but also in the order they are displayed (not just alphabetically, but by any other criteria as well).


As always, these are just my perspectives/thoughts as a user. Perhaps there is already a better way to achieve the things I describe above… If so, I’d appreciate any suggestions!

PS: This post is somewhat related to the table/spreadsheet request, if you think of tables as a particular format to display a live search.

PPS: I realize a lot of the above can be achieved via Custom CSS, but my suggestion is that this should be a core feature.

I would ague that queries are all that is needed to achieve what you describe here. Whether they will be integrated into portals or a separate type of rem is another matter.

The way I see it, there are these requests embedded into this topic :

  1. Make Search portals better aesthetically that it’s not disruptive to the flow of the rem
  2. Provide the ability to give a Search Portal a Name
  3. Be able to style all results based on a parent styling that is applicable to the search portal
  4. Query system built into Search Portals

Did I get them right @ognsya ?

Yes, that seems right! Sorry for the delay, I didn’t see the notification for this.

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