Search portals to specific hierarchies or documents

AFAIK, this is an undocumented thing, but the Ctrl + F search inside a document makes use of this feature under the hood

You can specify scopes to different documents in the search portal using isDescendant:<reference to the hierarchy you want>. You can also combine these terms using space and that will perform on OR operation. This whole this works when your search involves a tag (e.g. searching for todo tags from specific documents)

Here is a demo


Thanks for documenting this!

I think isDescendant: generated if you add a search portal from the Ctrl + F menu so I would consider it rather stable.

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Yea, I forgot about that. So I guess this is going to stay.

This is a lifesaver if you want to generate a flascards from subset of descriptors on some page. One use case:

Have important drugs listed in a rem. Each drug has descriptors “mechanism”, “group”, etc. You want to study just mechanisms of all drugs? Than just create a rem and create a search portal using isDescendant:ImportantDrugs. Just perfect.


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