See the tags in the queue when doing the flashcard?


On my daily note, I have some rems in this form:
I want to learn this :: Voglio imparare questo ##Italian

How can I see the tag #italian in the queue when doing my flashcard? Is there a workaround for that?


This would be useful yes. In this case it’s for language learning but it could be useful for anything…just to show the tag name in the card.

p.s. @saad_chraibi I’m Italian, if you need help with the language, you can send me a private message sometimes.

I think it’s a good feature request. @Karthikk what do u think?

I have heard a similar request from a few other users as well, will be great if someone could port this into a feature request.

@Karthikk As a matter of fact, the same poster did!

Haha, thanks for this!

@Karthikk @UMNiK LOL