Sets and the new option in queue

When I have a set question pop up in my queue how do I get it to just go down through each item in the list displaying it for me even if I don’t know the first one?

Example: A set pops up in queue, I don’t know the first one and hit ‘immediate’ or ‘don’t know’ BUT I still want it to go down through the list so I at least see them.

How do I do that? Thanks!

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Try changing that to a list type. Then you can answer for each item in the list


Oh, is that the difference? I thought it would let you go down the list regardless. Thank you!

Also, just as a note to anyone having the same issue or question…
This appears to work for me, if you receive a question that you know is a list or set…
Immediate, Unable to Recall(Press M) - This exits the current card and moves on to the next one.

If you hit
24 Hours, Recalled partially, or with significant effor(Press K) This one just goes to the next in the list and sees if you know that one.