Severe issue in the desktop version "still saving"

Hello remNote

Yesterday 04/14/21, I had an issue in the desktop version. I wanted to close Remnote but it said “still saving”. I tried to do many stuffs to solve it but, in the end, I had to close it by force therefore I lost information. Today 05/14/21 was the same. I lost information again and it was unpleasant for my work. I’d appreciate to the RemNote’s team could fix this harmful bug.


I wait your answer. Thanks.

I have had this issue but when I forced it to shut down I didn’t lose anything

I did lose content a few months ago so I understand the frustration though the team is aware of my occurrence
Please check your trash to make sure it did not end up in there

CC: @Karthikk

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Thanks for the ping! We will take note of this and get back asap!
Sorry about the inconvenience.


Having this issue, as well as Undo not working (opened a github issue)
Really hard to work in the Windows desktop app with this, would love a fix for this ASAP, Thanks!

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Updating - this didn’t repro for me a while and now has again. Notes to investigate:

  1. Might be related to having Multiple panes open (even after closing one of them)

  2. Might be related to another problem I experience once in a while where I have undeletable Rems, (Trying to delete them will make RemNote freeze, if killing process and reopening, they will still be there.
    The only pattern I’ve noticed with the undeletable Rems are that they’re either Recursively nested, or (in this case) have the same name / partial content as another, unrelated Rem that was moved to be it’s sibling.

  3. I got into a loop where no matter how many times I closed/opened RemNote (even restarted my comp once) the “Still saving” bug would repro, so maybe its a “state-on-disk / temp storage” error rather than “something-went-wrong-at-runtime” error?

  4. While the “Still saving” bug + undeletable Rem issues were going on, one (of the many) times I tried to close remnote without task manager - My entire system crashed with SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION stopcode on WdFilter.sys

After the BSOD I could close Remnote properly, but trying to delete that Rem cause the issue to Repro.
I cannot delete the rem in the web interface either.

This makes RemNote completely unusable. Please fix ASAP!

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@Martin please refer to these notes above for the freezing issue.