Shared documents (articles) won't update and actually REVERT after resharing

I’ve been trying in vain to push edits I made to a shared document, but it just will NOT update reliably! I’ve tried “resharing” it several times, and only once twice have the updates actually been reflected in the shared document: (1) when it actually updated the content of the Rems, and (2) after I enabled the import button.

Unfortunately, however, that second update actually REVERTED the content to an OLDER version! To wit, all the changes I’d finally managed to publish in (1) above completely disappeared and reverted to the original snapshot after the import function was enabled in (2). What’s going on here? This is unbelievably frustrating.

It’s probably worth noting that I’ve checked the link in incognito mode in Chrome as well as in private browsing in Safari, so this isn’t a cache issue.

Can anybody help please? Thanks!

This bug is on Public Server too…