Sharing My Current Intro Biology Notes

In case anyone’s taking an introductory biology class, here are some of my notes that could help.

Edit: :astonished: Wow, I’m happy that many of you found this helpful! Okay, I’ll try to reformat this post to make it easier to scan through.

  • I still haven’t finished the class yet, so it doesn’t have all the topics for the semester as of yet.

  • If there are mistakes in some of my notes, I won’t be able to edit the old links, however, I will try to post an updated version it. (P.S. If you find any mistakes then please message me, I would love to fix them)

Topics 1-10
  1. Cell metabolism
  2. Organelles
  3. Cell communication
  4. Cell membranes
  5. Types of movement through membranes
Topics 11-12
  1. Basic structure of neurons and glial cells
  2. Small amount of info dealing with the evolution of neurons

It would be greatly appreciated if I could get some feedback on how I could make sharing easier and anything else easier.


This is great, thanks for sharing!

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