Shortcut /Autofill for Repeated Bullets


Is there already a feature that exists that will automatically autofill or easily duplicate your main bullet on consecutive bullet points. For example:

-Acute Tubular Necrosis
. -Acute Tubular Necrosis → Definition of this term
. -Acute Tubular Necrosis treatments
. -Acute Tubular Necrosis clinical correlates

or even in Microbiology

. -Tuberculosis morphology
. -Tuberculosis treatment
. -Tuberculosis symptoms
. -Tuberculosis reservoir and transmission

This would really help a lot in medicine and maybe other fields too because instead of typing out or doing control +C the following just automatically reappears. I know when you are practicing REM it states the header but I find my notes are more organized when I just read that specific line under the heading. Any autofill suggestion besides highlighting then copy pasting for faster workflow is appreciated!


I think it’s a great idea, you should try posting it on the platform

This can be combined with the header via making it a concept, surely.

More broadly, I believe the intent is that you will either use manually added universal descriptors that obviously don’t have specifics or add similarly broad slots. So from your example, you’d have a rem somewhere that is called “Disease” and has the slots of “morphology”, “treatment”, etc., then you tag “Acute Tubular Necrosis” with it and decide which slots to add, and which of those to turn into flashcards.

By all means, post a feature request, as suggested by _yb, if you feel strongly that your proposed workflow would be better than the slots one.