Simple information management

I want to take daily notes about my life: family, work, friends, thougths with different tags, important things and so on.
So I decided to organize the daily note into headings.
I’d like to be able to easily manipulate all that information, that is, to get:

  • a page that contains all my thougths with a given tag in a given week
  • a page that contains all my todo in a given month
  • other types of summary
    and so on

How could I achieve that? I think maybe with the search function but I’d like to have an automatically generated page rather copy and paste results every time.


If you add information on your Daily Document page and use references/tags, information will automatically be backlinked. You can’t automatically filter by “week/month/etc” yet, but this would let you see everything that links to the reference / tag by clicking on it and then opening the “X References to this Rem” blue box at the bottom of its page.

If you want explicit headers, you could make the header a reference to a reference to a Rem (note how this is blue):

Clicking into these references would then also automatically show you the backlinks.