Simultaneous Review

Remnote helps greatly in the integration of note-taking and flashcard making. I appreciate that. But one has to review the notes seperately and then go to review the flashcards. It would be so great if remnote could offer to integrate this (may not be demanded by all, but would be a great feature). This would offer something like the toggles in notion, where we can read the notes, and also review the flashcard-kind information right through the toggles. When remnote came out, I loved the ability to see the hierarchy in the flashcard queue. I am not suggesting the removal of that, but just the addition to have the ability to review the flashcards when reading the related text from the notes. An another pane containing the flashcards created in the text, that appears after reviewing would be great too. Also, if it is not too much to ask, please let us view and edit the cards seperately from the notes too. I feel that Anki is very helpful with that. Remnote could surely help with this issue. Please revert.

It sounds like all these (and more) are covered in this feature request - Card browser, preview and filter

Side note, I create all my flashcards as multi-line cards. That gives the ability to do toggle based preview. It is even better than Notion because there is no need to expand the toggle, just hovering over the bullet will show the answer.

The functionality to review directly from notes may be added through this custom CSS, though it sadly doesn’t create spaced repetition data.

@liberated_potato I think this FR is distinct enough, since yours covers browsing cards to view the notes, while this one goes the the other way.

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