Slash command for sliders

One of the things that I love using in Roam is the ability to add a slider. It’s just a basic 1-10 slider which allows me to track all sorts of things.


What aspect of the Rem do you see this being tied to?
In other words, what would a “6” mean internally?

As I see it, it would be great to be able to add arbitrary variables to Rem, which could be controlled/defined the way you describe, and be accessed/used for searching/sorting and other tasks (for ex, be able to filter all Rem with at least a “5” in that slider criteria). Not sure RemNote has plans for that though.

A workaround would be to simply tie it to tags. So in your example, 1-10 would simply translate to tagging the Rem #slider1-10

I mentioned something like this awhile ago here:

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