Small bug when pasting plain text starting with numbers followed by "."

Pasting plain text with lines starting with incrementing numbers followed by “.” automatically changes the parent to a list type, and the first item is omitted.

To reproduce, copy this, and try pasting in RemNote.

1. A
2. B
3. C

This is what I get:


I’d rather it just behaved like plain text (or better, to have a proper numbered list type which is not associated with the cards).
Regardless, behaviour is still not ideal.

GitHub report for reference: Bug when pasting plain text starting with numbers followed by "." · Issue #415 · remnoteio/remnote-issues · GitHub

ctrl+shift+v is pretty much mandatory when pasting stuff in unless you want to bring in all the formatting with it.

Yes, it is.

But why are you mentioning it? In my post I’m talking about plain text, so it doesn’t make a difference.

Maybe I’m the only one experiencing the bug. Did you try reproducing the bug as I described it?

That’s why I posted, really. If you paste it with ctrl+v, it does indeed bug out like you descibed. ctrl+shift+v places each letter on a separate line. Here it is.
It’s just a workaround to allow you to manually drag those rem under any list or multiline you choose. The bug is the bug.

Ah, I understand the misunderstanding now.
This forum auto-formats.

I just updated my post and put the relevant text into a code block.
Try copy-pasting that (including the numbers).

Yup, from the code block it’s bugged either with ctrl+v or ctrl+shift+v.

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Just checking, kindly let me know if a GitHub report has already been made for this.

Yes it’s there.
Thanks for the cleanup!