SRS & Concept Hierarchy (again... 😅)

Hi everyone

I know this has already been brought up, but I something which seems (at least to me) absolutely crucial is still missing form Remnote:

It seems pretty logical that higher level concepts should be “mastered” before drilling down to finer grains of details…

But when practicing with Remnote SRS, the “dependencies” between concepts are ignored and rems are presented in a somewhat random order, jumping all over the conceptual hierarchy…

Is there a to change this behaviour ?

Many thanks in advance


Settings- Queue-
Turn all of them on for maximum clustering. I would recommend keeping some of them off for interleaving purposes (make it a bit more difficult to recall individual ones and possibly spot an unusual connection through reconsolidation from a new context) though.


Thanks UMNiK

All are Settings → Queue → Ordering are set to “ON”

However when practicing, hierarchies are definitely not respected as lower level details are often tested before reviewing high level concepts.

For example I just create create the following

And when practicing “TEST” with STS Level 3 was the first concept tested…


You may be interested in this FR then, as individual flashcards will obviously drift apart in their schedules depending on when you practice them and how you rate them.

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Thank you UMNIK ! I will check it out right away !