(Still) broken SR: Forgotten cards don't show up again?

So my own topic and someone else’a with the same content have been closed before with the reference to bug reporting, but this is still an issue:

When you don’t remember a card and select “later”, it never shows up again in the current rehearsal session. For me, that makes RemNote basically unusable, because at first I don’t remember a lot of cards. But if they’re not shown again after a shorter while (like Anki does it), seeing the correct answer won’t help - after 100 cards I surely have forgotten it again.

If this is still considered a bug, can we learn whether it’s on the roadmap for a (near) future release? Or is there any workaround? How do you guys do this?


Which SR are you using? Default RemNote? In Anki-SM 2 option you can set the behavior for forgotten cards.

Note that the time for “Again” on the default algorithm is in “1 hour”. If it still doesn’t show up after that, please do report a bug. Otherwise it’s working is intended.