Suggestions on Pdf improvements

The PDF editor is absolutely amazing but would like to suggest a couple of improvements:

  1. TOC that lets you navigate to the desired location
  2. Better stability to handle larger PDF files
  3. Bookmarking
  4. Auto-load last page

Case study: I uploaded a pdf that was over 20mb (3k pages!) but it’s extremely slow to load and near unusable. Have hacked a way around it by splitting the pdf into increments, but would love a more elegant way around it.

Congrats on the launch guys! :man_dancing: :man_dancing: :man_dancing:

For Now I use the desktop app for large pdf files, working with about 250MB is not a problem.

I hope in the future they come up with solutions that allow large pdf files even in the browser.

I have highligted only the right side of the document and in my notes i get only that,but on the document the left side also is shows highlighted leading to confusion

I am trying to make notes while parallely reading the pdf - so i want the highlights panel open in one column and the pdf in other.
but for the same pdf when i open the pdf contents in one pane - they open and switch in the other pane too