Superscript symbols

Hello, I do a lot of chemistry and medical notes so a superscript function would be lovely. So I can type this easly Fe³⁺, wihout searching for superscript symbols and having to copy paste. A button to change that when text is marked would be nice.

Have you tried latex? Normally you press $$ in Remnote then you write Fe^{3+} to get it (or \ce{Fe^{3+}} which is more suited to writing chemical symbols and reactions). I would highly recommend checking out this website if you ever feel confused about writing something you want in latex.


Between pages 4 and 12 you will find more information about the Latex Mhchem Bundle:


I agree. I would appreciate some simple symbols and formatting options for which I don’t have to switch to LaTex (which I don’t mind doing for lines of equations and all, but within plain text it’s a little much). Currently keeping a browser tab open with for this.

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If you need some help writing LaTeX, will spit out the wanted symbol from a mouse (or finger, I guess) drawing.

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The one I marked as a solution is the best one (using $$). However that still is a bit time consuming. A function like this in the picture is easier and more effective.
Screenshot 2020-11-25 180459

A workaround would be to use a text expander (Keyboard Maestro, AutoHotKey, autokey, espanso, …) to insert unicode symbols.

Hey, I am a total amateur at computer stuff, I am just a regular user trying to come with suggestions as a non expert at this stuff. Would you mind explaining what those text expanders are?

You can insert any text using short text sequence (or a shortcut if it is supported).

Those programs sit in the background and listen to keystrokes a user types. If they recognize a pattern they do something.
For example you could define ^3 as a trigger sequence and if it is recognized the text expander deletes it and inserts ³ instead.

You can also insert other content, like templates or rem references like here: Make it easier to centralize work in daily document using templates built in textexpander or copy-pasted from repository

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