Make it easier to centralize work in daily document using templates built in textexpander or copy-pasted from repository

Not sure how to phrase this request but in my workflow, I use the daily document feature to house pretty much the main things I intend to carry out for the day. This not only includes daily ceremonies but portals to other areas and embedded queues (see examples below). I want to be able to re-use this structure as a template in a way that actually works without lots of workarounds

Using Roam as a comparison, one way to do this is to copy over the metadata template from a template repository onto Today’s daily doc [](http://copy and pasting over template onto daily doc).
problem here is that Remnote doesn’t have a “shift+drag” command to copy and paste like in Roam… So you basically have to copy+paste which aint bad… What’s bad is that in order to copy everything in, you need to have all the bullets fully expanded… and even then, this would only work with non-portal bullets

Another way to do this is to use a text expander like tool to insert a short code that would expand into the entire template.
Problem here is that all the text expander tools I’ve used can’t seem to render the todo checkbox in Remnote. There also isn’t an easy way to get portals to work

Okay… I know that remnote has built-in templates… but I use that for regular rems and not rems at the document or folder level… And even then… I don’t think it allows you to include portals

Because of this challenge, I basically had to hack my way into a solution involving
*copy and pasting my ceremonies from my template repository in Remnote (because I can’t text expand TODO checkboxes via keyboard maeastro and text expander)
*creating a ridiculously intricate keyboard maestro for the portals which involves interleaving the up keyboard stroke inbewteen each portal

There’s got to be an easier way.

I imagine due to the complexity of such a tool, that one is bound to end up with a main landing page to consolidate and go through ones daily work… which could be why Roam made the daily notes page its landing page… Hopefully Remnote could make it a bit easier to leverage this feature

Example of ceremonies section in daily docs

Example of portals section in daily docs

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How exactly did you got the portals to work? Do you mean via a key sequence like /search portal<Enter>##Internet Explorations<Enter>?

Workaround for checkboxes for now, see Pasting formatting with Power-Ups Rems:

- my task #Todo


I did it through pasting in the portal code. To put in multiple portals, I used a combination pasting and keyboard sequences through Keyboard maestro.

Thanks for the task tip, I’ll try it out

See below for example…

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Sorry, I still don’t understand how you did it exactly. How did you discover that portals work with ((? What code do I have to use exactly, i.e. how to find it for a given search portal? Is it a rem id? If I do ((REM_ID I just get a plain reference. I tried to document the paste syntax in Ability to create all content via API and/or pasting and I’d love to understand how portals work.

NVM. I’m stupid. Of cause you use /Copy Rem as Portal.

okay… so the todo tag does tag the item as a todo… however it doesn’t turn it into a checkbox… so i’m still basically stuck copy and pasting from a template in remnote… if you solved this… would be great if you can show the code

Maybe it was a temporary bug/regression, but I think it works now (again?):
paste todo