Support references and tags on Android app / mobile web

Currently adding or editing references tags on Android / mobile web is not possible. The proposal is to enable both creating and editing references and tags on the Android app / mobile web.

Hey, @chadkennedyonline. I believe you can do exactly that, at least in Chrome, if you charge the site with desktop view on! I thought of the possibility and tried it, and it works! Everything is basically as good as it is in a computer, so, there you go. Maybe it helps for now!

If I could I’d give 10 votes for this one :smiley:
The Android app lacks a whole number of really basic functions, apart from the fact that typing has a huge lag and jumping cursor still.
In it’s current state the Android app is more or less just usable for reviews. But we’re not in 2003 any more and Desktop PCs aren’t the only possible working tool.
By making the Android app fully functional and adding things like “share to ThoughtQueue” it would add a lot of additional possibilities and add a lot of value to RemNote by being able to just capture thoughts or snippets of text in the web easily and process them later.

I use dynalist as my collect-it-all-bin on phone for years already and it has changed my work and my efficiency profoundly. A high number of good ideas or insights or just things you should remember have already disappeared before you’re back at your laptop.

Neglecting the apps takes away a whole universe of possible, efficient workflows imo.

Does the slash menu, and [[ to insert a reference work for you like that?

Yeah! Just make sure you are in the Desktop site and not in the mobile one. Let me know if you get it.

of course it would work using chrome in desktop mode - but I guess no one loves to do such a thing on a phone screen. That’s neither efficient nor even meant to be.
For phones there’s apps for a good reason and the native android app of RemNote just doesn’t allow any kind of linking, tagging or using commands with /. That’s a huge shortcoming until now making the phone app just good for using the queue but not allowing to do anything useful even in capturing indeed. So that needs some evolution urgently, I’d say.

You are absolutely right! I actually only use mobile in an Android tablet, so there is no difference from the app to the desktop mode, beside the later working fully. Haven’t even tried on my phone, since I have no use for it for now.