Tag power-up page does not show search portals

The tag power-up page no longer has the auto-generated search portals at the bottom of the page. Therefore, I can’t find what tags I have used. Please help. @Karthikk

Could you pls make sure you are looking at the right tag power? maybe it’s being duplicated?
I just checked and everything seems to be working fine on my end

Yes, I have confirmed I am on the right page, and included a screenshot showing the message associated with the tag power-up page. Also, using the chrome browser does not fix the problem.

did you happen to delete the automatic portal by mistake? there was a small timeframe where users were able to delete it, before we found out that loop and fixed it. Right now it won’t allow you to delete it, but you could earlier.

Maybe that’s how it went away?

Yes, I may have done that