Tag tool for flashcard selection spaced repetition

Hy guys, first of all thanks to the RemNote team to be such a steaming engine, continuously releasing updates, always implementing new tools!
I am wondering if it is a new thing, but some time ago I used a technique: tagging the flashcard (the front i mean) and using the rem-tag as a device to have all my flashcards that i wanted to repeat all in one niche space.
Today i tried to do the same, i tried to use the repetition from the rem-tag, but it says i’ve already finished my cards and if i try to repeat one specific of them from the drop-down menu i can, so it isn’t a scheduler thingy, but a tag mechanic maybe changed.
So am i doing sth wrong or is it a bug?
Thanks in advance!

yeah that’s the point, using my Tag-rem page to use all tagged cards to creat a deck and going to the right menu to practice tagged cards doesn’t work, it only triggers eventually child cards but not the parent one.

This are shots to ask if you i am doing right what you said

After clicking that it shows 0 cards (i can’t upload the other shot due to the 1 media limit since i am new to the forum sorry)

waiting for that feature i guess, ty man for the answer, keep up the good work!

From your picture, it looks like you are trying to use the Tag Rem’s Backlink portals. Try using a Search Query for the same Tag (annoying, I know) in another place and practice the Rem parent of that Search Query.

I did it yeah! ty for the patience, i didn’t understand your suggestion till now ahah, pretty tough workaround to find out! Have a nice day