Telegram bot update

I use the Telegram bot for daily document entries. It’s very practical.
As for now you can send text and links.
I would like to send also images and audio. Would be a great update for the bot!

Are you talking about this telegram bot.
I tried both both general and individual versions of that bot. But couldn’t make it work. Did you also experienced any errors when you tried to set it up?

Yeah, the general version. Works fine!

I was trying here and looks like the bot can’t create the daily document entry. Have to create before manually and then choose to add the content to there.

I get a message like this on sending some text to the bot…after that no response occurs…nothing gets saved in remnote also…I did created daily document folder prior to sending that text message. Still it didn’t worked. A GitHub issue is already there for this problem. Hope to get it resolved soon.

I was actually waiting for such a bot which can send text, images and videos from telegram to remnote.

As I wrote above, image and video isn’t possible.
Looks like if you create the daily document before the text goes fine to there.
Try the /stop when you finished to write.

Another note: the bot is taking some seconds to respond the text entry. Is it intentional?

I tried /stop also. But nothing gets saved in remnote. I deleted the bot and tried all the steps once more including using a new API key. That also didn’t worked. Will wait for some updates from the developer.

That’s strange yeah. I’m using it quite a lot to journal into my daily document.

I am working on it, have seen the Github issue :slight_smile:

Btw, sorry for the late reply → had a lot going on

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The free heroku app is going to sleep after 30 min of inactivity period. Therefore, if no one is using it, it will shut down. Upon receiving the message, if the app is sleeping, it needs up to 30 sec to start up. But once the app started, it should be quite reactive.

I hope just when the more people will use it, it will not go to the sleeping :slight_smile:

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For me, the general bot also was not working. Have to try it again once more since others seem to be using it without trouble.

Any plans of adding the option to send videos and images via the bot to remnote in future. That will definitely speed up my workflow.

I added the saving photos functionality few minutes ago :slight_smile:. But I think it is not possible to embed a video with the API’s current state (it has somewhat restricted functionality)… Only text or images. Waiting for the further API development :slight_smile:

@arunnbabu81 It is very unfortunate that you are facing those issues… Please see if you entered all the variables correctly, using the example_bot branch on a github as a reference. I fixed some chunks of code, but nothing seems to be related to your problem… Try at first the general version of the bot → it should work :slight_smile:
Let me know if the problem won’t be solved, will be more than happy to help!

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Thanks for the reply. I will try it once i am free and will get back to you.

Oh, and I am not sure if sending audio is within the functionalities of the current API development state as well. As soon as API will evolve, extending it’s functionalities, I will add this feature right away!

Thanks Pavlo! I’ll try images. Audio, when the API will be ready would be very nice!

Pavlo, the images are working! But I’ve tried to send text to the daily document before creating the today document and the bot sent the text to the folder with today’s date tag. So, only the next time I could send text directly to the today’s document.

Oh, I see… I thought I solved this issue.
I will look into that right away.

Btw, it turned out that you can embed videos and audios via API. Therefore, you can now do this via telegram bot as well!
But for now, only sent audio files are supported… For videos, you can send either a link or a file. More information is in the README


That’s great! If I hold the audio button and send is still not working?

Working! That’s amazing! Remnote!