Template Formatting

Does anyone know how to change the formatting of templates? I don’t like how they appear as blue instead of normal black text when you add them into a document - any suggestions?

This would be a Custom CSS script, but it would probably affect every rem reference unless you can do something fancy. @hannesfrank, You have the job, don’t you?

I think Custom CSS here would be very complicated here:

  1. You’d need to duplicate it for every template you have since you need to target a different template tag each time.
  2. You’d have a really hard time distinguishing normal references from template references. It’s not as simple as “If a child of the template starts with a reference, reset it” since sometimes templates are nested or you can have additional non-slot references. There were some discussions on Discord around here and I think @chokypower has the most experience in this area.

So this is would be literally a custom solution and you’d have to have some technical knowledge to adjust it to your templates.

If you want just plain text templates you should probably just copy&paste them. More discussion on that is here: RemNote Templates vs. Text Templates

Thanks for all the information! I’ll be sure to check out that discussion since it does sound rather complicated via custom CSS!