The Default Search Portal disappeared

It happens sometimes, especially when I merge two rems twice.

How can I restore it?

are there any references to this rem?

No, but I have Another similar example that has references:

zoom into the rem:

Therefore, the problem exists whether there are references…

Did you by mistake delete the default search portal? There was a small period of time between two updates when it was to possible to delete the default portal.

Perhaps I did. Is there any way to restore it?

Finally, I found that when I select the rem at the bottom of the page by using mouse, Default Search Portals(DSP) were selected, too. So when I delete the last rem, which happened too fast to notice especially when I was busy thinking and editing, DSP would also be deleted.
See the GIF below

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Thanks for finding this out! Will report this to the team.

As for getting back those portals, you might wanna write to