The Feature RemNote needs the most... Is better documentation

There are many features that are just not intuitive in their understandings.

I have just spent an hour trying to make work stuff like ‘extra card details’, ‘tags_collection powerup’ and filtered decks. I still didn’t manage to get any of those to work.

And I tried: I have searched for examples, videos, forum posts… there is nothing comprehensive. Nothing that really goes step by step and show examples of the expected behaviour.
Just scattered posts here and there that mention ‘using that feature’ or one liner explanations that don’t actually teach you much.

Please, focus on creating a comprehensive and well explained documentation.
Notion is a good example of this, most features are explained in depth with images (sometimes videos) in their documentation base.

All these features on Remnote are no good if new users don’t understand how to get value out of them. And most of them will leave the platform before they come to the forums to ask you about it.