The new version(1.4) are absolutely atrocious

In fact, this is the first time I have registered an account to speak and I have previously been observing the various discussions on the forum.

After experiencing version 1.4, as a loyal user of RemNote, I have to gripe about this brand new version. I can’t believe this is the result of six months of your work, this version has given me an extremely bad experience!

Some useful features have been hidden and removed in the new version. For example, the button at the bottom to quickly switch between todo and normal Rem, I looked for a long time but couldn’t find this feature. I even found that even the function to go back to the previous page was missing.

I hope RemNote’s products can understand that user’s experience always comes first. After such a long time of waiting, I don’t even want to give you a passing grade for the homework RemNote delivered. It’s so disappointing!


100% agree, the update was disappointing

Sorry you are feeling this way. We are always trying our hardest to make the best application for the most amount of people. :man_shrugging:

Most users use Ctrl + Enter for this and found the bottom toolbar kind of messy and inconsistent. We tried to incorporate it into the 6-dot/rem menu and slash commands.

If you want to add a todo via mouse that’s 3 clicks into the 6-dot menu.

It was considered to make that menu somewhat dynamic, and e.g. list frequently used or configured options there to shave off another click, but that’s hard to get right if at all on the limited space you have. Therefore the 6-dot menu only features some command while a complete set is available as slash command that you get when clicking Search Actions. E.g.

Removing a todo (more uncommon) or toggling it in general can be done with 4 clicks (or Ctrl + Enter):

If you meant that you could not find it easily (the todo being hidden in the bullet style menu was not too obvious either), there will be interactive onboarding that teaches how to use the 6-dot menu and slash commands. But we need a finished app first that we can teach.

Many people use a shortcut, e.g. Alt + ← on Windows.

There are multiple ways to do this without having to remember that one though:

  • General: Omnibar command search (Ctrl + /)
  • Web App. Browser back button
  • Mobile: Devices back button
  • Desktop App: View Menu (Press Alt on Windows to show) and the navigation bar is readded in the next patch.

Software development takes time. Especially growing a team, finding a workflow, setting up scalable tooling both for development and remote team communication, planning and discussing engineering tasks for a year, learning the codebase etc. It’s not just 100% productive coding on something you are completely familiar with.

There will be a builtin, dedicated dark mode. Right now it was not touched at all (hence: Beta server) and it is still just the simple color inversion filter from before. Doing a proper dark mode for every part of the app takes much longer compared to the filter approach and there are more pressing issues still.


I’m holding off judgement because I just started trying this new version out after taking a break to try some other software… but immediately I’ve found something that is driving me insane. How the heck do I get rid of this random indentation??? This is on the desktop version and on the un-updated webapp it shows them all in proper alignment. What is prompting the 6 topics to be more indented and bolded and how do I make it stop? When I drag them out of the numbered list they’re all in proper alignment. Plz help :tired_face:

Si la version 1.4 no te gusta, puedes reinstalar la version anterior, la cual puedes usar hasta que salga una nueva actualizacion.

Guys, somebody once said that “we shape ours tools; thereafter our tools shape us”. Finding a path into learning is nothing like buying a coke in the market. There are very focused people trying to shape RemNote, but unless we ourselves “shape” our path through RemNote, surpassing even its inconsistencies, we will not have the tools we want for knowledge. There is no how to buy knowledge in the market. We must be the producers of it.

I have myself struggled with RemNote. Inconsistencies in the scheduler took long to be solved, and so on. It was a hard way until making it as functional to me as I wanted. But I am very certain that I have never had a tool like this before. I’ll do my best to help the team to improve RemNote, because I want this tool, and I know it is part of what I need to get what I want.

Sorry to see you are disappointed. You didn’t ask, but I’ll give my advice anyway. Make your way (even with hardship and toils) through RemNote, and you will be paid back. This is a difficult path; RemNote is still a work-in-process indeed; but it has already achieved a singularity in terms of empowering knowledge. If I were you, I would try once again!

Best regards!


I’m trying out the new version. I do not find it atrocious. But is there a place (other than here) to submit odd behavior or bugs?

You can read and post new bugs on the Category Beta RemNote Server… Make sure the bug hasn’t been posted before you post one…

I understand that you are frustrated for some reason, but your arguments are not really convincing IMO. It is therefore hard to take your criticism seriously. The only tangible argument is the “to do”, aka CTRL+ENTER.

RemNote has to bridge an enormous gap between incredibly numerous possibilities and minimalist interface. For most users, this is resolved by using proper keyboard shortcuts. This avoids the ribbon strategy we see in every software for large public… thank god.

I think the response of Remnote is appropriate: an omni bar is where every new system have headed: android settings, mac’s Alfred, power toys, your windows button on your keyboard, etc ,… instead of searching by information structure, you can directly ask what you need. It’s both quick and precise control system. Isn’t that fantastic? :slight_smile:
I think that you are being unfair, or more precisely, unreasonable.
But hey, I’m also just a fanboy :joy:


Out of curiosity, who put

on the top of the message? The original poster?

i also moved to subscription model to try the new remnote. altogether its been a great experience for me with some issues (which i think the team will iron out soon)…


Disagree, I enjoy using the updated RemNote. There is no other app currently with the seamless flashcard integration that RemNote has; furthermore, organizationally, RemNote’s ability to make rems interchange between Folders > Docs > Rem can help make each user’s personal UI fit their needs quite nicely.

Regarding your issue, keyboard shortcuts are key to efficiency. Try using CMD + Enter (MAC) or CTRL + Enter (Windows) to cycle between TODO and normal rem.

Check out the keyboard shortcut tab in the settings, you may find lots of shortcuts that interest you. My best.


Great Job boys. The new 1.4 is almost perfect… … only i propose you must make a new tutorial for 1.4 and all the new keys combinations… somebody can public a new video in youtube?. the simplist interface its great, now i can concentrate in my job. its great for legal redaction and cases study very useful.
For christmas i need a new pdf editor like okular ok Santaremnote?


Just updated to Version 1.4.6. I’ve noticed the bottom toolbar is missing. It let you easily choose whether a flashcard is shown forwards or backwards. Is there a customization option to bring this feature back? because if not then that really sucks.
It now requires you to go through a maze of menus to find the flashcards and you have to do it for each and every card that you want to change.

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The visual information is now shown as arrows between front and back. To change in bulk, select the rem, then either press / and type in the change you wish to make or just use the shortcuts ctrl+alt+f to toggle all practice, ctrl+shift+b for backward, ctrl+shift+g for forward.


Yes I agree. Release of such an upgrade should come with a clean tutorial. This is a big change needed a clean start.