There doesn't seem to be way to find phrases?

If i search for a rem cmd-P and type in a phrase i know i used e.g. “in time” i get all the rems with “in” and “time” - even using ` or ’ or " to bracket the phrase doesn’t do the trick.

I feel like this is a bug because if want to search for a name on a long page (Jim Smith), with cmd-F, the default is all the Jim’s and all the Smith’s. If i search for title like “The Way”, i get all the the’s etc.

only with backtick Jim Smith do i get the result i want, and only finding in a page. Not with rem-search cmd-P.

maybe i’m missing something? (Using mac app 1.5.0, and browser on mac)

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You aren’t missing anything, see


Hi @Biomarx! As @UMNiK indicated, you aren’t missing anything (I’m the remnote dev primarily working on search at the moment). Rem are currently searched on each individual word (or character sequence) in the query. As was mentioned in some of our recent changelogs, I’m currently devoting most of my attention to building out “instantaneous” search that should provide a more frictionless search experience for users with any size knowledge base. That said, the team is aware of the different requests that have been floating around the community for a more powerful querying experience, so that will definitely be on our minds as we determine how to move forward with search in the future!


Thanks @UMNiK and @Danny , Yes, it is really the absence of phrase searching that really trips me up. I’ve loaded a few hundred sets of highlights from papers (exported annotations from PDFexpert), so really need some better ways to locate rems.

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reverse problem i am now struggling with: i would like a search portal for PAR (since i’ve been taking notes on “practice as research” and that is the abbreviation).

Is there any way to find just the rems with PAR and not everything with “part” and “parable” and “reparations”? I get 100 hits and almost none of them are the ones i want (100 seems the limit, so i literally don’t get the ones i want since so many have “part” in them). It is as if the word always has wildcard * after it. Is there a way to insert a word-end?

what am i missing? Is there any way to search for a short word? If not, i realize I truly can’t use this until it is fixed. @UMNiK and @Danny

i really don’t want to have to port it all to workflowy (where i can search for par and it show them all until i hit spacebar and then just the PAR ones are left - this seems critical)

thanks, joe

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Alas, that would also fall under queries that are yet to be implemented. However, there is already some prioritisation within search, in your case manually selecting “PAR” a few times will place it higher in the results over time.
Read more here

Yes, this is a known issue. After we get the new search out, we’re looking into ways to make search prioritization better/more transparent/more customizable. Right now there are a variety of workflows where search doesn’t seem to return the “right” results, even though it isn’t exactly a bug. Thanks for bringing this up though @Biomarx, it helps me to know specific use-cases to be building around!