Thousands of rems got randomly deleted and not present in trash

Okay, so I was recently experiencing some issues with remnote both in browser and pc application but they were no so bad. Link to my feedback revolving those issues: Major experience issues
Now when I proceeded to practice rems on the app, randomly a “Something went wrong” message appeard and suddenly 5048 of my rems got deleted (notified from blue bar at top). The message with the “view trash” link was there for a very short time so I couldn’t take a screenshot. But when I opened the “trash”, those rems were not there and they also got eradicated from my notes.
This is an absolute tragedy that all my stuff throughout the year is now obliterated. Thankfully I had decided to make a backup on 2nd january and i am moving to anki for now. Although all my progress will be lost, atleast I would have my info with me.
RemNote has helped me a lot this year and my grades have significantly improved from before but I cannot risk my notes to such an unstable app. I would love an explanation for this.