Tidying Up the Database 🧹| Merging Multiple Rems for the same Concept that differ in Naming

I’ve recently faced the issue of having multiple rems for the same concept.
I have studied the basics of chemistry for multiple times now (one time for school in general, than more specific for my A-levels, now for studying medicine at uni,…)

The Problem: I am creating new rems for the concepts again and again. This makes my database quite cluttered and makes it hard to keep things organized.

Do you have any workflows / tips to clean and tidy up the RemNote database?

Best Regards

Hello, have you tried the merge rem function you can use function cmd+shift+e and then search for a concept to merge that with and it will be listed as an alias name.

More broadly, the only answer is to move from source-first notes to your own organisation-first, i.e. if the same concept comes up again, you amend your previous notes of it rather than creating new.