Timer and Timer Log for Week

I think a built in timer would greatly help productivity. I see a pomodoro feature, but I think it would be relatively easy to create customizable timer, that can be used for study sessions. Would also be nice, if you could log information and see how much time you spent studying each subject at the end of the week.

The microsoft store has a few examples of this, but they are quite buggy and seem like beginner projects that didn’t get much attention.

  • There’s one called “Focus Commit-…” that has a nice format
  • there’s also something called “visual timers”
  • and maybe “Pomoductivity”

It would be nice to have a timer for when you are also making your notes vs just flashcard sessions. In other words to have a timer option when not in the queue but when inputting your info

Helping you to be productive & not lose track of time for those of us that sometimes fall down the rabbit hole


There‘s this pomodoro plugin than you could use GitHub - sirvan3tr/RemNote-Pomodoro: A plugin for RemNote.io. This plugin is a pomodoro timer; You can get the plugin to record your events to a document on RemNote.

For time tracking in general you could try out toggl


Interesting, I’m trying out toggl rn. That may be just what I’m looking for.

If we can add start and Stop timer, we can see total amount of time took to while study and review particular rem from its Meta Data.

if Possible pls have simple Start/Pause/Stop Button