Tip for Resetting SRS

I’m sure this has been discovered by many before me but I hadn’t known about this until recently and I figure this could help someone in my position. I was having some difficulty finding a way to reset my SRS for a document that I used last semester, and after some experimentation, I found that one way to do it is to highlight EVERY rem in the document, copy it, go to the settings, click on import, and paste the rems in the paste section. For me, I found that it keeps most of my edits intact compared to direct copy/paste and markdown importing. One thing I did notice was that portals were forgotten and replaced as an extra unused rem.

Edit: It looks like that tags aren’t imported using this method :disappointed:.


Interesting problem. I think for remnote to be used as seriously as Anki the spaced repetition values under the hood will need to be exposed fully. I guess in your particular case there should be an easy way to make the rem or document “new”, but without loosing the review meta data.