Total Rem Count / Total Bullet Point Count (API access)

I’d love API access to the total number of Rem and/or individual bullet points in my graph over time. It is possible to see the value at RemNote and there’s even a nice graph:

"Statistics (beta)

Total Rems: 2070
Number of Rem that show up in your queue: 348
Cards that show up in your queue: 620"

What I’d like to be able to do is set a daily goal of number of Rems to create per day or per week. I have a personal dashboard I keep for myself, and to be able to check several times per day where I am on a numerical goal via API would be great.

Possible to get an API endpoint for that value? It could even have a rate limit of once per half hour or once per hour, if the count process is timewise expensive. (I note that the current chart seems to update only at Midnight.)

Hi Lorenzo,
I was thinking of similar workflow, what app do you use for the dashboard?

It’s actually just an Excel spreadsheet which I update every 40 minutes during the day when I am trying to stay focused and get off track. It’s a nice reminder to get back on task.