Trying to edit a List-card in the queue opens editor for next element in list instead

(Just lifted everything from the GitHub issue I posted here, #1163, because I read somewhere on the discord that posting to the forum is better.)

Describe the bug

When we use the edit now button while an element of the list card is revealed, it opens an edit window with only the next element in the list card visible to edit. Example: using the edit button when element 1. is obscured and revealed in the front and the back of the card respectively, opens an edit window with only element 2. visible.

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create a blank document
  2. Type in something, at the end, type in ::1. to make that Rem a List-Card
  3. Fill in the children of the rem, at least two
  4. Open Queue
  5. Go to the card where the first list element is obscured/clozed (demonstrated in Screenshot 2)
  6. Reveal the back of the card (demonstrated in screenshot 3)
  7. Click the “Edit Now” button or press E

Expected behavior

The edit window opening, with the list rem that was just visible appearing.


These are the original Rems
This is the first card of the list:
This is what the back of the card looks like:
This is what appears when I press E or click the edit now button:
Screenshot (17)

Desktop (please complete the following information):

Desktop Version Windows

Additional context

  • This problem persists if you mark a card for edit later, and open the edit later window.
  • This problem doesn’t occur if we try to edit the last element in the list.
  • Issue was reproduced by gravityshades#3931 on the discord.


If a change is implemented in this behaviour, I think that it’s more intuitive for the edit window to have the element that was in the card at the time, plus all the elements in the list previous to that element.

Have a report on the same issue Edit gets assigned to the wrong rem · Issue #184 · remnoteio/remnote-issues · GitHub

Thanks for making the detailed description, I am going to merge the two issues together, and will certainly bump it up to the devs. Seems to be around for too long now. Thanks @88DM88 for connecting these two.