Turn off the tutorial

I mistakenly clicked onto tutorial in help page.
Now everytime I open the desktop app it opens with tutorial option.
Where is the delete option for that

Thanks for reaching out. Is this the tutorial panel on the right, or a tutorial document that was imported into your account?

If it was an imported document, you can delete it by clicking “Delete This Document” in the “…” menu in the top right.

There is no option of delete. There is not any menu option…
It’s not a document

It doesn’t come in mobile app.
In windows app the first time I open the app it starts with the page (not loading it when offline).
“Tutorial” seen Below the documents option.
When I click the documents only then my drafts and other things Come.
And tutorial goes away.

Can you share a screenshot please?

before and after clicking the ‘documents’

Its really slowing the app down when i start the app.

Can someone help me regarding this.
It’s still persisti g despite I updated the desktop app