Twitter Remnote bot is pulling threads in the inverse order

I love to use the Twitter bot for saving whole threads from Twitter to my knowledge base. But:
if you send as DM the latest tweet from the thread there is an issue, the thread comes to Remnote in the reverse order. The latest tweet becomes the first and vice versa.
Could you please fix it?

Twitter bot is actually very useful one. It is major part of my workflow. It can save threads, images and videos.

Two downsides of the bot for saving threads are

  1. Bot can save only last 10 tweets within a thread at a time. These days many of the threads have more than 10 tweets in it
  2. Threads are saved in the reverse order

I had once contacted the creator of the bot via email when I was setting up the bot. He responded within a day and corrected my mistake. But there was no response to my second mail which was regarding those two downsides while saving threads. May be you can try to make email the creator ( email id must be there in the twitter profile page of the bot). If those two things get improved, it will be super awesome.

I wish the telegram bot also gets powerful as the twitter bot ( even though I haven’t been able to make the telegram bot working)


Perfect, I’ve also tried to contact the developer but no response. Maybe @Martin could help us.

Any news about the bug?

@Karthikk maybe could you help making contact with the developer about the issues above? The bot is great but the inverse pulling is very annoying.

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I agree, I even stopped using it because of that. Let me see what can be done about this! Thanks for the shoutout!


Any news? Did you get in touch with him? Thanks!

I just did today :wink: what a coincidence. Will keep the thread updated if I get a response

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He replied my old email saying he’s going to update the bot!

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Wow tats a good news