Type of bullet, bullets list and multiline. plus numbers of hidden multi lines

Hello everyone,
I wonder if there a way to change the bullet design for list and multi line. (Without CSS specific design). Just to figure out if there is an option to set - in place of the bullet, roman numbers for ex in place of the arabic numbers. Romans numbers are traditionnally used for an up grading classifaction and arabic for equally steps which make an certain difference imo
For ex:

  • Angor’s classification:::
    I stage :: unusal effort
    II stage :: usal effort
    III stage :: small effort
    IV stage :: at rest
    would be better than
  • Angor’s classification:::
    1. stade:: unusal effort
    2. stade:: usal effort
    3. stade:: small effort
    4. stade:: at rest

as the set bullet should be different than the normal one. As I have just seen on a second degree set, the bullet auto transform into a -, should be on the first degree imo. Or letters, or 1) or a) so we can make classes and under classes with a clear design for memory.

So it could be nice to have a bullet choice for the different rem sets.

Also, could be usefull to have a clue of the number of the hidden line for each set/list rem, this could be a real anchor for memory. Counting helps to recall (especially for anatomy in my case).
For ex:
Lateral forearm lodge (4)::
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Thanks in advance