Typing in other languages (Japanese for my situation) is a tad buggy

The way the Japanese keyboard works, you have to press “Enter” in order to move onto a new character. In normal web browsing, clicking “Enter” in the Japanese keyboard doesn’t mean GO, or NEXT LINE, or anything like that. It just sort of confirms the character you’re typing and allows you to move on to the next, on the same line. (Example, if I used the Japanese typing mechanism to type the word “is”, I would type i → enter → s → enter)

In RemNote, this whole thing is a little buggy as whole sentences get deleted, or random spaces get added and stuff like that.

Totally get that this might have not been an ideal use case, but just throwing it out there (:


I have the same issue with Chinese input: “Delete” and “Enter” keys will trigger unexpected operations.

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I have the same issue with Traditional Chinese typing with Zhuyin on macOS 11.4 as @Sean_shao. I suppose any language typing with the candidate window will probably trigger the issue. Is there a way to fix this?
I’ve recorded the issue: See here
Btw, the issue is encountered with the Mac desktop version, Safari, and Chrome, but not with Firefox. Perhaps people in need of a better and smoother experience can try it out.

Hi @Nqe 你也是Mac用戶嗎?有沒有試過Firefox?我用Firefox不會出現相關的Cursor亂跳的Bug,所以我現在暫時都用Firefox,雖然Firefox也不是我習慣用的主力瀏覽器😅還是希望他們可以修好這個問題
不過我用Firefox有遇到另一個Bug:See this thread,我換了輸入法就解決了

Bug fixed!! nice~