UI clarification for portals (6 dots)

I’ve recently deleted a huge rem because (I was rushing and) the following 6dots design :sweat_smile:
when adding a portal, the 6dots are not of-the-portal-control, but jumps straight to “inside” the portal. If an error is made and the wrong portal is summoned, and you want to quickly delete it… well, it possibly leads to delete all the content inside de portal (at least it happened to me).
Clicking outside and clicking the 6dots again does what it should, though (see below)

I think a more obvious distinction between portal-6-dots and content-of-the-portal-6-dots could be a good idea, like a proper indentation for the “in portal control”. Visually, it makes less sense to be outside the portal’s rectangle when it controls what’s inside.

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Totally agree with this there’s has to be a better way to make a distinction, it took me awhile to figure out how to select the portal 6 dots, or collapse all of it into 1 single menu where the portal options and rem options are united. Looking forward to the day remote hires a awesome UX designer