Unable to delete orphan rem

For some reason, I had a lot of random rems (about 100 or so) tagged with #orphan, so I started deleting all of them. During the process I experienced a lot of crashes, but was able to keep deleting them. however, now there’s 1 left and I can’t delete it, since every time i try to, remnote stops responding.

PS: I only noticed those rems because they started appearing on my global queue, without the correct hierarchy. Some of the were “copies” of flashcards that I made.

I’m currently using the web app on chrome. My chrome version is 90.0.4430.93

I previously encountered similar situations but not specific to orphan rems. I did not write up a bug report for those since I managed to resolve it in an indirect way. For some reason, it sometimes freeze when I try to get rid of tagged rems like yours.

Instead of deleting it via a portal, I try to locate the specific rem itself from the documents folder and right-click to delete it.

Another related issue on deleting rems and experiencing crash:

The steps and behaviour are both quite similar, leading me to think it might be a deeper issue not isolated to deleting rems with many linked references. In both instances. trying to backspace delete will crash.


so the problem seems to deleting certain types of rem through the search portals?

Not only search portals as the erroneous behavior here is consistent with what I have:

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Thank you for this information, I will look into this and bump it up.