Unable to sync macOS app

I have been using the Remnote desktop app on macOS Big Sur, but have not been able to sync my changes to the server for a while. The status message at the bottom of the sidebar reads “Connected”, but below that “last synced a month ago”. A couple of weeks ago a message appeared in the top-right corner of the Remnote window that says “RemNote has updated, and you can’t sync until you refresh.” How do I perform that refresh?

I have tried clicking on “Update Knowledge Base”, but it makes no difference. I am not able to log out, because the system gets stuck trying to sync first.

Thanks to anyone who has advice on how to fix this.

@Martin should be able to help with this.

I’m having a similar issue on Ubuntu: Unable to sync on 1.2.8 Linux desktop app

I am have been having the same problem, please help. I do not want to lose the research I have done offline!

In the end I dealt with this problem by doing a full export from my desktop app, and imported it into the current version of my knowledge base through the web app. Unfortunately this means that I have now have two copies of all the notes I’d created before the syncing stopped, but that’s better than losing everything that I’d done in the desktop app after that point.