Underlining of mistakes (Mobile)

Mistakes aren’t underlined unless I click on them

Basically everywhere else though, the mistakes get underlined as soon as I’ve written them. I find this behaviour way more practical and would like RemNote to behave the same. Most of the mistakes I gotta correct on my flashcards are typos that I didn’t notice when writing them

I reported this as a bug btw Spell check doesn't work correctly on mobile · Issue #899 · remnoteio/remnote-issues · GitHub and it looks like it’s a longer term downstream issue meaning that it will take a while to get fixed

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thanks for porting the issue there, since we don’t need more info on this, I will be closing this report here.
Once an issue has been reported to the GitHub, unless it’s not reproducible or for some other reason we need to keep a forum post open in order to get more input from other users, we don’t have to maintain a copy of the report here.