Unfinished Todo PowerUp

Hello team! - I’m hoping you can quickly provide me with some help as I’m about to go a bit crazy :frowning: How can I see what remaining tasks I have open (across all documents)? I saw there was an Unfinished Power Up, but I can’t seem to figure out what I am missing to get it working.

Not sure what you’re doing exactly.

What do you see when you open your Unfinished Rem?
(CTR+P, type “Unfinished” then select the Unfinished powerup Rem)

I think you are on the right track, unless there’s some bug at play.

After you click your ToDo PowerUp from wherever you have your ToDos listed/CTRL + P - Todo, a page should open prefilled with those 3 PowerUps:

Click those little numbers on the far left side

Then on Add Portal Portal Listing These Results

Do that for either Finished or Unfinished, to show them separatly, or for Status to see both states populating.

There’s no need to mess with Tags.

Also, if you want to see them all, without clicking on the numbers, you should have X Tagged Rem to simply click & open up to see all of them as well:

  • make rem a todo by cmd+enter on Mac
  • search for [[Unfinished]] not ##Unifinished

cmd+enter a todo imply adding a reference rem and a tag – [[Unfinished]] and ##Todo
Inverse the tag and ref dose not make a todo rem. (kind of inconsistent)
I have not been able to get how the power-up rem work. :persevere: