Universal descriptor and slots

I’ve seen some of the topics in the forum talking about it but couldn’t find an appropriate answer (or let’s say one that I undestand ^^).

  • Universal Descriptors : are used to create systematic descriptors for concepts
  • Slots : are used to create systematic descriptors for concepts, and can be bulk added with ##automatically.add.template

In essence, my question is : when would you use one or the other preferably? What is the difference?
(I’ve been using remnote >2y and still ask myself basic questions :sweat_smile:)

Soren provided an appropriate answer :slight_smile:

Slots (as part of templates) are useful when you have a bunch of Concepts that follow the same pattern, and you want to ask the same questions about all of them. Your chemical elements are a good example here. Universal descriptors are useful for abstract concepts that cut across different types of knowledge (for instance, an ~Advantage would be relevant when talking about chemical elements as used in engineering, as well as political policies, productivity tools, and more).
It’s valid and even common to have a slot that is also a universal descriptor. For instance, if you’re studying medical treatments, they probably have ~Advantages, ~Disadvantages, ~Why Works, etc. – these universal descriptors could be used in totally different contexts as well.

An additional question :slight_smile:

Is it possible to state the descriptor type (ie: → or ↔) within the slots and/or universal·descriptor so that I don’t have to manually do it every time.

Let’s say as in the example provided in help.remnote.com about universal descriptors that, I want to add “symbol”, “atomic number”, “associated ore” etc for any chemical elements

→ for symbols, it would make sense to add a " ↔ " type of descriptor, always, as I would need to know them both ways.
→ for atomic number, it would make sense to add " → " type of descriptor for that
→ for associated ore, it would make sense to have a " – " type of descriptor as I never want a flash card about this, but want the structure for my KB.

How can I avoid adding the ;; and ;;- every time I use those slots/universal·descriptor?

Not possible at the moment.

As to your broader question, discord posts around this one may be of help.