Urgent Help Needed: Images in notes made several months ago are corrupted?

This is really annoying and making me question if I want to keep using remote.
I made these notes several months ago to help with studying for anatomy and other classes. Some of the images I pasted are now either completely whited out or show this weird symbol in the top left corner.

The weirdest part is that not all of these images are gone, for example the image above it was pasted in near the same time is still there:

. I need help recovering these images and finding out why they are disappearing. This issue is present in both the desktop and browser versions, however I made these notes in the desktop app. I don’t see a point in using remote if the images I use to study might disappear on me when I need them most as they have here.

Hi Tennyson,

Please contact us through the “Contact Support” option on the ? menu in the lower-right corner of RemNote when you have issues like this that are specific to your knowledge base. In your case, it looks like you’ve already done so, so we’ll respond there.