Urgent - Help with synchronization and database recovery!

I was re-organizing my rems and database, and half of my database got deleted (I guess I’m still a remote newbie). I quickly recovered it, but now it’s a mess under a page called “undeleted rem”. I wanted to know if there is a way to synchronize all the rems in the pages as they were before, because it’s a mess and I cannot tell if something’s missing. Your help is much much needed because I’ve been trying desperately for hours :frowning:

Try to see if u can recover from the daily backup

I have managed to recover all of my database (I believe) through trash, but now most of my data is unorganized under “undeleted rem”. I am wondering if there is a way to synchronize everything together as it was, or even delete the duplicated rems (I have my rems on their pages and on the “undeleted rem” page and they’re linked, so I can’t delete the rems I already have from “undeleted rem” or else the rems will get deleted.

After you restore deleted rem, they will be returned to their original location,
Everything in Undeleted Rem is just deleted rems embedded in Portal…

Unfortunately half of my rems didn’t return, so I have to do that manually… Btw is there a way to unlink the rems and eventually delete the “undeleted rem” page? Thank you :pray:

Try to restore your daily backup

I don’t have any problems deleting Undeleted Rem Page
What Error Popup did you meet?