URL endpoint to Today's Document

I would like a URL endpoint added which is a shortcut or alias to Today’s Document. Such as:


This would allow creating a bookmark that I could open a new tab already pointing at the document.

Some more context as to how I would use this.

I have a cron system setup on my machine that opens a web calendar tab every 30 minutes so I can take note of what I’ve done and what needs to be done next. My version of ‘time boxing’.

What I would like is to launch my daily document from my cron system as well, so my daily document is the first page open on my computer when I sign in for the morning.

Currently, this would be very difficult, as it would take some automation-fu to get a remnote window open, then inject the correct clicks or key command.

An alternate solution would be for hitting remnote.io to always land you in the daily document (as some other solutions do). This would be equally fantastic. I just think having a simple endpoint like /today would not break existing UX expectations while allowing those of us with more ‘scriptable’ needs a solution that works with the usual context of that world – urls and query parameters are universally understood and work with every solution.

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