Users should have control over whether URLs are added to the Website power-up rem

Whenever I paste an internet link into a rem I am editing, it shows up in the Website rem. I have no control over this. Then I delete the link in the original rem, the link in the Website rem stays there and clogs up the list of websites that are actually relevant. This should not happen.

What should happen:
1- When a new URL is entered/pasted: User should be asked whether they want to add the URL to the Website rem.
2- When a URL is no longer referred to by any other rem: it should be deleted automatically.
3- More generally: There should be an explicit portal to view all rems that are disconnected from all other rems (I am aware the disconnected links mentioned in point 2 still have the power-up tag “Link”)

This is important because RemNote should be about organizing complexity, not making existing organization more convoluted and cluttered.


You can delete the website link rem manually by zooming into them and using the upper left three dots menu - delete.

I agree with point 2. Someone need a list with all the URLs that are referred somewhere, not with all the URLs he/she ever used in his/her activity. The biggest probability is that the URLs which aren’t referred to by any other rem are not needed anymore.

I have been deleting them manually. For big knowledge bases there are like hundreds of links, that’s a bit too much time spent on doing something that isn’t related to learning/taking notes


I agree, but I’m sure you can also see how having that database exist is useful. IMO, an ideal solution would be to keep the automatic stuff separate from the main notes, with optional access when needed.

Oh I was not proposing we remove the website power-up rem, it’s definitely useful. Just that as of now it has too much noise in it, like my first post said, we should have better control over its content. So for example, whenever I enter Website rem I only see the 100 websites that are actually relevant to my 20000 rems, not the 500 websites most of which came from the rems I deleted 6 months ago. In fact my Website rem is getting more useful the more I delete from it. I’m starting to see some of the important sites I almost forgot about and the context in which they came up.

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I much prefer to keep brute URLs, and whenever I paste them I need to fiddle with a quick Ctrl+z to strip the Website powerup to just keep it as a text URL.

I do this because it makes it far easier to copy-paste masses of URLs out of RemNote. Currently I want the Website powerup to be optional, or at least give a right-click “copy URL” option.

Instead of having to navigate to a page just to grab it’s URL, that info shouldn’t be proactively hidden from users, it should be available, or better yet be left ‘simple’ and un-complicated of that’s how users want to work.

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