Using Remnote across different computers

Is it possible to use Remnote across more than one machine?

One of the attractions of using a web-based knowledge management system for me is that I have a Pinebook Pro (aarch64) for which there are fewer apps available than for Intel architecture.

I get the impression, however, that accessing the same account (not simultaneously) from two different machines is causing problems. (Freezing up of site, no ctrl F.)

Is this just an impression or is it likely that there will be problems?

Thanks for any suggestions.

RemNote should work across multiple computers. When you say that you have an impression that its causing problems, are the “freezes and no Ctrl + F” issues that you’ve run into personally?

I have indeed, which is why I thought the problem might be due to syncing across more than one machine.

This afternoon another problem occurred: I could no longer edit document titles (not for the first time). I could place the cursor but not edit. I tried logging out and back in to no avail.

This evening I’ve just logged back on and I can edit document titles again!

I’m going to persevere because I’m really interested in Remnote.